The Princess and the Frog, "babycakes."

Today I saw "The Princess and the Frog." Here's what I have to say about it.
Firt of all, the outfits were amazing. I'm a huge fan of the 1920's fashion, so I was basically in heaven. Tiana and Charlotte's hairstyles are so cute - especially when short. Naveen looked sharp in his street clothes.

Going into the theater, I was really looking forward to it, although my mother told me it got awful reviews from Christians due to the voodoo.

Overall, I though it was a really cute movie. It started out great, in the middle it was a little bit boring, but the end was awesome. Tiana and Naveen are absolutely precious, Dr. Facilier was wicked, Charlotte is hilarious, and Louis and Ray were awesome. I gotta say, one of my favorite parts was when Louis had the flashback about when he tried to play with the humans.

Although I loved it, I felt that some things were not necessarily rated G. They'd probably go over most kids' heads, but still.

Once again, I feel the need to say that Tiana and Naveen are absolutely precious.

Changing gears, how come most all the princess don't have both parents? Mulan and Aurora are the only girls with both. Food for thought, there.

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