Photoshoot: Sadie

Sadie was wearing the costume Natalie wore WHEN SHE PLAYED VALDIS FOR ME, so naturally she stole Nat's pose.

Isn't she cute?

Then Natalie came outside and started bugging her.

I don't know what she was going for here.

I growled at her (just...don't even ask) so she growled back.

 Sticking her tongue out at Nat.

And Natalie did the same.


Words cannot even describe.



This is a weird little thing that's I randomly thought of (which will probably not benefit anyone, like, ever)

Currently I am...
Listening to "I'm Ready" by Jack's Mannequin (what a great way to start this).
Thinking about what clay creations to make.
Looking at the 50+ bottlecaps knowing I should work on them.
Wanting to find somewhere take pictures of Buzz Lightyear.
Wondering when I'll be not-so-lazy in order to finish my cousin's alphabet book.
Thinking about how realistic my deadline is for it at the rate I'm going.
Also wanting my mom to take the film on my camp camera to get it developed.
And wanting to go to the antique store.
And I want to move already. Well, kinda. I just want a new room.

Hm. I need more inspiration.