Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello, dear viewers! Just dropping in to wish you all a very wonderful Thanksgiving!

Why, yes, this is the only fall-related picture I can find.

UPDATE: I promise, I will be updating more frequently. I promised myself I'd watch The Little Mermaid before Sunday, and hopefully a Tangled review will be coming soon.


Long time, no post.

Well, school has started, and you know what that means...I actually am kind of busy. But here's something for you to look forward to, fans: I recently got a Mac, and I promised myself that when I got a webcam, I would start making vlogs to post here. Most likely, I will have one for you within the next month.


Photoshoot: Sadie

Sadie was wearing the costume Natalie wore WHEN SHE PLAYED VALDIS FOR ME, so naturally she stole Nat's pose.

Isn't she cute?

Then Natalie came outside and started bugging her.

I don't know what she was going for here.

I growled at her (just...don't even ask) so she growled back.

 Sticking her tongue out at Nat.

And Natalie did the same.


Words cannot even describe.