"Hey, I have a hat. I'm ready for life."

May 16, 2010

Line for Toy Story after rope drop = CRAZY.

Nat's new Haunted Mansion hat...

The duck was snackin' on some popcorn.



June 28, 2010

I look almost tan! It's an optical illusion.

Because all paint pours perfectly down.


It doesn't look awful during the day...but it's definitely not amazing.

Glad that guy's shirt matches.

I was Mulan...

Sam was Cinderella...

And Courtney was Mrs. Potts.

The ceiling of Ursula's grotto.

MY BABY! A new little Vinylmation key chain.

I love the Disney gallery.

I would love to make something like this.

I think this looks so strange.

Thanks for finally catching on to MY IDEA, Disney. And by "catching on," I really mean "basically stealing."
But seriously, I was really upset when I saw these.

Sam has a hat. So she's ready for life.

Me and Sam have Vans! And I apparently have one leg.

My mom was not a fan.

My AWESOME view of World of Color.
Totally sarcastic. I said we didn't need to see it...but I totally wanted to.

Tried to get a nice shot with some fireworks. It kinda worked.


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